How to get Linux up to scratch

I’ve been watching the recent competition between compiz, beryl and metisse with some worry, as Linux developers seem overly keen to make the case that their graphics are at least as good as those of Windows Vista or Mac OS X, while aspects of the Linux desktop that would actually improve productivity get left behind. Is Linux stagnating? Are we really copy dogs after all, and while Microsoft isn’t improving their product in ways that go beyond what Linux already has, and Steve is not letting on what the new features in OS X are, we can’t make any progress on the core product? I’ll be posting more about this in a while, but here are some suggestions of how to improve Ubuntu (as an example…)

  •  Bluetooth support, esp. a GUI
  • WiFi GUI that allows discovering networks (it’s silly that I have to use a separate program, kismet, to do this!)
  • expand the screen resolution GUI to support external monitors and screen spanning

So the old saying that Linux is no use for laptops, doesn’t die…

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