Companies that don’t trust me

The point was made some time ago by an excellent video by Lafkon that trust depends on mutuality.

So here are some companies that don’t trust their customers:

  • Apple and Microsoft don’t trust their consumers not to copy music. This is because of pressure from the big four music companies – Sony BMG, EMI, Universal and Warner, who likeswise do not trust their customers. Sony is a third significant online music distributor. Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, has said he would like to change his relationship with his customers into one of mutual trust. However, he has also expressed mistrust towards other hardware manufacturers, and stated he will not open FairPlay, the technical restriction to sharing music with friends, to other manufacturers of portable digital music players.
  • VMWare and Parallels do not trust their customers to not illegally install copies of Mac OS X in their virtualisation environments. I am also curious whether Microsoft has put in a technical restriction not to allow this with the lower versions of Vista.

I will update this post as I think of more examples of this.

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