Is the web turning into television?

A question to ponder at the recurring incidence of Youtube videos and flickr images being removed, and dugg sites going disappearing from our grasp due to limited bandwidth or monthly usage. Sometimes, it gives the impression that you really need to be glued to your box while it’s happening. Conversely, does this make set-top boxes the better internet? When do we get fed up with censorship and move our operations to less strictly legislated countries? The Baltics, anyone?

In opposition to the notion that the internet is just like TV, bloggers have for some time been in competition with main media outlets, and projects such as Wikipedia are set to replace many traditional paid-for services. This model works well as long as adults earn enough money to keep the coding kids coding. The problem is that the kids are coding their parents out of their jobs. If you were expecting an “oh-my-God-we-shouldn’t” comment at this point, you underappreciate my anarchist tendencies non-normative nature. I just think that in the long term, the money will be in marketing* and production. Yes, hardware. Food.

* So we can fleece the uneducated deeper into debt and supply them with social services that the unfleeced pay for… until that whole notion disintegrates…

PS: I know people who can no longer navigate the roads without the nice lady who tells them which exit to take. Does that worry anybody?

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