Seven Mac OS X applications I would fork out for

  1. NetNewsWire (have actually bought): only client when I last checked that allowed archiving feeds for an arbitrary period of time – never miss or lose the news!
  2. Little Snitch – essential for anybody who cares about privacy.
  3. Path Finder – if you tweak Mac OS X Finder, you can make it usable, but Path Finder is the real enabler.
  4. Pixelmator (beta) – can’t wait for this to come out; from the looks of it, they are combining ImageMagick (which I regularly use on the command line) and CoreImage capabilities topped off with GUI goodness. Could be amazing, wait and see…
  5. Parallels Desktop – if you need to run Windows, this is the way to do it; beware, though, that you’ll need to add £80 (UK) to the bargain for your copy of Windows XP, so the real cost is closer to £120. I’ll be buying this when integration with Linux guests is as seamless as currently for Windows.
  6. SubEthaEdit – been wanting to try this for a while now – it looks and sounds amazing. Realtime collaborative editing over the internet without a server.
  7. Mathematica – version 6 finally has syntax highlighting; I may upgrade soon. After the gradual demise of Fortran, this may be the future of scientific computing. Very, very expensive though. It may be necessary to start an open source implementation from scratch – Maxima doesn’t seem to accumulate capability fast enough, and is even less usable than Mathematica.

And if I ever got serious about web design, I would add the following:

  1. Transmit – gets you out of the world of code regressions that is Cyberduck
  2. CSSEdit – elegance incarnate
  3. Coda – hyped but possibly actually useful