5 items that Apple sells us that we don’t need

…and that are bad for the environment. And how Apple doesn’t leave any room for consumer choice. Prices quoted are for iMac except where stated, but reasoning applies across the product range. Assembly locations referred to may not be assembly locations for all Apple products.

  1. Keyboard: Dear Apple, I understand that maybe you didn’t deliberately design the last keyboard with rubberised keys so they would pick up dirt quickly, and with transparency so that the dustballs formed from debris falling between the keys would be plain for all to see at the base of the k’board. But really, the keyboard still works, and the environment will thank’ee for not forcing another one on us. YES WE ALREADY HAVE A KEYBOARD THANK YOU.
  2. Mouse: Not much to add here, same deal. If I need a mouse, I’ll buy one from Logitech, so thanks, thanks, and thanks again. I can has iMac without keyboardnmouse?
  3. RAM aka memory: 512MB for a system running OS X was plenty of insult, glad to see you now sell them with 1GB minimum (so Leopard is a memory hog?), but 150 USD to get an extra 1GB? What are you smoking, Steve? I can get that for 54 USD from Crucial. It’s not like you use Corsair or anything. Or like you don’t buy bulk. Or like that Chinese boy is going to chip his nails putting the extra 1 gig module in. Or like you care if he does. And let’s not forget that you used to ship the 512MB system with two 256MB modules just so you could have that extra bit of environmental footprint. *Boom*. Not funny.
  4. Hard disk: Until recently, I could get a 160GB 7200 RPM drive from Seagate for less than the price of configuring a Mac mini with a 100GB 5400 RPM drive rather than a 60GB 4200RPM one. But yes, there’s that guilt over having a spare 60GB around the house and having to find a use for it. Well, I pass that guilt right back to you, Apple, with your innocently smiling Mr. Gore on board (excuse the pun).
  5. Screen: And how about designing the iMac so that at the end of its lifespan, I can take off the back cover, motherboard and all, and be left with a screen and DVI socket? Wouldn’t that be nice? Think different? Well, here’s your chance. Go green!