Package sizes iWork ’06 vs. ’08

iWork ’06:

  • Keynote 1.12 GB
  • Pages 0.85 GB

iWork ’08 Demo:

  • Keynote 280 MB
  • Pages 266 MB
  • Numbers 136 MB

I’m unsure whether to congratulate Apple or wonder why they delivered bloated binaries in ’06. At least in iDVD (part of iLife, not iWork), the number of templates available seems to have shrunk through the years.

Update 1, 4 February 2008: I’ve been able to confirm, with some help from #macosx on Freenode (special thanks to jgarbers), that the package sizes for iLife have slightly increased in the same time frame, except for iPhoto, which has halved from 552MB to 227MB, and the installation media, which have also almost halved from about 6.1GB to 3.5GB.

Update 2, same date: In the case of Pages, the decrease in size was because each language originally had separate themes (aka templates), but now they share them, while Keynote seems to have shrunk due to sharing some data between different themes.