Stippled lines in PowerPoint 2007

After posting about PowerPoint’s difficulties with circles and straight lines, I’ve now found it also has a problem with patterns and zoom. See the first image, where the stippling of the two lines is exactly parallel, viewed at 400% zoom. Also note that the arrow is pointing from one “stipple” to another, which is more aesthetically pleasing than having the arrow stuck between stipples, or half on one stipple.


Then see the next figure, where the same scene is viewed at 200% magnification:


Now, the base of the arrow is only half on one stipple. Not what I was seeing before. Why would I bother to look at a higher magnification if what I’m seeing at that magnification is not representative of the final image? Absolute shambles.


Circles with text in PowerPoint 2007

Seek and ye shall find… here are some 6mm diameter circles with text inside (hint: try and cover up the last three to see if you think the first two are really centered):


And finally, to show conclusively that even the “centered” setting is broken:

4mm diameter circle with text as drawn by Microsoft PowerPoint 2007.

If you left-align it at this size, you can actually make the text go outside the circle: