Verified by Visa scandal

Verified by Visa is a mechanism by which the identity of a Visa card holder making an online payment is supposed to be confirmed. In order to pass this additional verification mechanism, the user has to enter certain digits of a previously set password. If the user cannot remember the password (or does not know because he has fraudulently obtained the card details), he has the option of clicking “Forgotten password”, after which he will be allowed to reset the password entering only information that is actually printed on the credit card, plus the date of birth of the card holder (which would be printed on any other document that would have been found in your wallet, for instance). I’m not impressed – are you? Think about it, in a password of 6 to 12 (iirc) characters, including at least one letter and one numerical digit, can you remember which is the 9th character without writing the whole password down? Not convinced that a coherently thinking individual was behind this idea.